My Inspiration

The themes for my paintings always come from the olden days of a time and era that are gone forever but they remain in my soul and mind and I suppose will forever. As a child, I remember going to visit my old relatives and this is what I remember.  I sometimes feel that I lived in the late 1800’s. My paintings come from my mind and I put my feelings in each one of them.  The subject matter is not only taken from my mind but is also taken from the many years of travels I took along the River Road of the Mississippi River.  My travels were extensive and seeing the remnants of the long-gone slaves left a melancholy feeling inside me which I used as the mood of my paintings.  The next generation of these people was was kind to me in allowing me to take pictures of their old houses and also themselves.  There were shacks, shotgun houses, chickens, dogs,  fences, clotheslines, dirt roads, oak trees and the old sugar kettles where the sugar was cooked.  The sugar kettles were also used to boil clothes to wash and clean them by stirring them with a large stick or paddle.  The clothesline was made of a rope tied at the end of two trees and when needed a stick was placed in the middle for extra support.    Some of the cabins had hung their laundry across the porches of their houses.

My first painting was of Morrell, a later generation man who worked the fields as a child and adult.   I met him on my travels to the Greenwood Plantation.  He lived alone next to the plantation in his old shack.   His yard was always full of dogs and clothes on the line, chickens too.  Morrell was kind enough to let me paint this portrait of him.  That was in 1998 and now Morrell has passed away.   I sold this painting and now I wish I had it back.  

“Morrell’s Place”

My Favorite Quote
“I found I could say things
with color and shapes that I
couldn’t say any other way –
things I had no words for.”
Georgia O’Keefe